School of Environmental Science and Management

The School of Environmental Science and Management (SESAM) traces its roots through three decades of relentless pursuit of growth and development. The Program on Environmental Science and Management was organized in 1977 amidst heightened environmental consciousness. Its objective was to influence and help build resource management systems that are productive, ecologically stable, and socially acceptable. Continue reading


College of Human Ecology

Established initially as an institute on November 28, 1974, it became a full-fledged College of Human Ecology (CHE) in 1983. As an academic unit, CHE aims to advance the body of knowledge in human ecology in order to improve operational capabilities and strengthen functional commitment in human nutrition and food, human and family development studies, community and environmental resources planning, and social development services. Continue reading

College of Economics and Management

The College of Economics and Management (CEM) was created by the UP Board of Regents in February 1987. It traces its roots to the Institute of Agricultural Development and Administration (IADA) in 1975 and to the College of Development Economics and Management which merged IADA with the Agricultural Credit and Cooperative Studies and the Agrarian Reform Institute in 1978. Continue reading

College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology

By Joanne Encarnacion

The college traces its roots to the former Department of Agricultural Engineering which was created in 1912 as one of the departments of the College of Agriculture. The department became the Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Technology on June 24, 1976. It was elevated to a college on February 24, 1983 and continues to provide national leadership in agricultural engineering and other agro-industrial endeavors. Continue reading

College of Agriculture

The College of Agriculture (CA) was one of the first three units organized in the University of the Philippines. When the college opened in June 1909, university-level instruction in basic and applied agricultural science was offered for the first time in the Southeast Asian region. It was envisioned to engage not only in teaching but also conduct research as well. From then on the college has metamorphosed into a center of excellence for agricultural science in the region. Continue reading