About Bukas

by Emma Liongson


“Bukas ang Puso, Alay sa Bukas”

If BUKAS was a baby, it would now be seven years old. Back in the 1990s, while constantly hanging around with the UPLBAA pioneers and prime movers, the need for a newsletter to further develop the alumni association was already the subject of our daydreams.

We are Sim Cuyson, Frank Cornejo, Ricardo T. Deang and UPCA Class’58. When Sim became the UPLBAA President in 2009, plans of putting together the newsletter were re-ignited and were realized six years later.

BUKAS was born in December 2015 during the last UPLBAA board meeting of the year. With the theme, “Bukas ang Puso, Alay sa Bukas” (Hearts opened for tomorrow), the newsletter aims to showcase UPLBAA’s thrusts. One of which is to help initiate prosperity, success, and sustainability to help realize our Alma Mater’s related dreams.

The role of BUKAS is to be a powerhouse for alumni resources. It will be the epitome of the UPLB alumni fellowship. We do not want that history to repeat itself; like what the faculty and students did during the war in 1918.

Let us respond to the call of present day needs with relevant and tangible efforts directly addressing the changing environment.

BUKAS proposes to further strengthen the bonds of camaraderie with the effort to uphold the “Los Banos Spirit.” Remember that it is that same fervor which we took with us when we left UP’s portals. And it is the same spirit which draws us back to our campus, especially on the 10th of October, and always.

Dr. Fernando Bernardo articulated this in his coffee table book; a news which many alumni share. For those with more years of experiences, share your youthful memories; when everything seemed to be fun and easy.

Where are you now? Please join us and send your views here in our webpage.

Note: The first UPLBAA newsletter was published in July 1993. The Board was then composed of Dr. Edgardo Niones (President), Dr. Nerius Roperos (Vice President), Dr. Delfin Suministrado (Executive Secretary), Ms. Buenaflor Maningas (Treasurer), and Mr. Melvin Carlos (Auditor), For. Antonio Principe, and Ms. Nyhria Rogel.

(Photo by Edgar Bagasol Jr.)