A Call for Camaraderie and Unity

As we come out with the maiden issue of BUKAS, our quarterly newsletter, I fervently hope that this publication will be a continuing bridge between the UPLB Alumni Association and the thousands of alumni all over the globe.

Currently published online, BUKAS (as the title connotes) offers hope and promise.

Through this newsletter, we are hoping for your continuous support in the various endeavors of the association. A little amount of your time, effort, and financial resources will certainly go a long way in advancing the objectives of the association.

Through BUKAS, we promise that you will be updated with the latest news and first-hand information about the association’s activities and that of our beloved Alma Mater, UPLB.

More importantly, BUKAS will be a showcase of the camaraderie and unity that typifies the “Los Baños Spirit”, which should be sustained before it loses its luster. We hope that this newsletter will continue to embolden us and elevate this unique characteristic of a UPLB alumnus.

As a parting statement, I therefore encourage you to contribute articles and photographs, and share your views, your life, your vision, and your greatest achievements. Be part of BUKAS….and join us in our continuing efforts to create our niche in the pages of history.


Leo R. Ballesfin

UPLBAA President




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