UPLB Alumni to Host Tetada International Meet in Batangas

UP Los Baños alumni who are practitioners of Tetada Kalimasada, an art and discipline that promotes inner healing and wellness, will spearhead the international meet of the discipline on May 21 – 22, 2016 in Tanauan, Batangas under the auspices of Mabini Unit headed by alumni couple Mauro “Mannie” Barradas and Daisy Labadan-Barradas.

This is the second time that the UPLB alumni will host the international meet. The previous meet was hosted by the Makiling Unit under the leadership of Dr. Salvador “Buddy” Mabesa in 2014 at the Continuing Education Center, UPLB Campus. Majority of the Tetada practitioners in Mabini Unit of Tanauan, Batangas and Makiling Unit of Los Baños, Laguna are alumni of UPLB. Alumnus Cecilia Revilleza is the current head of the Makiling Unit.

Participants to the event will come from Indonesia (headquarter of Tetada Kalimasada), Austria, Belgium, Indonesia, and the Philippines with delegates coming from Los Baños, Batangas, Antipolo, Cebu City, Quezon City, and Cagayan de Oro City.

The two-day event will be led by Tetada Grandmaster Eddy Surohadi and Tetada International President Ida Surohadi with assistance from international and national pelatihs (trainers). One of the event highlights is the “connection” where Tetada practioners are welded together by a common energy with the main pulling force to be generated by the Tetada Grandmaster. During day one, the participants will also do their regular Tetada practice and engage in contests to test the level and quality of energy they are capable to generate within their bodies. The contests include bulb testing, newspaper lifting, detecting hidden items, and many more which all center on generation and use of internal energy.

The second day of the meet shall focus on special refresher course on healing through the use of inner energy which will be given by Grandmaster Eddy Surohadi and President Ida Surohadi. The third day will be a ground tour of Tagaytay and nearby tourist sites.

The practice of Tetada began in UPLB in 2007 when UP Diliman alumnus Ollie Jumaoas taught the discipline to his Beta Sigma fraternity brothers. From a few enthusiasts, the practitioners has grown into a big group who have sustained their interest through the years. The group was named Makiling Unit and holds their regular practice every Saturday morning at the Agronomy lobby.

The Mabini Unit was formed from a few alumni from Tanauan, Batangas who initially joined the Makiling Unit in 2013. Their faith and belief in the discipline encouraged them to form their own group, the Mabini Unit. Under the leadership of Mannie Barradas, the Mabini Unit has grown into a big group which also includes school children. The Mabini Unit holds their regular practice in the airstrip of Mannie Barradas in Tanauan.

Tetada Kalimasada operates on the basic principle that “man is composed of matter and energy”. Each body has seven major energy points or “chakras” located along the main nervous system – from the base to the crown. These energy points are storehouses and transmitters of universal energy – they interact with the electro-magnetic energy field and transform these into energy that sustains life. The chakras are often associated with the endocrine gland system and each chakra is closely connected with the functions of particular organs. The tetada kalimasada exercises or movements performed during practice are intended to stimulate and open these “chakras” so that they can receive and transmit more energy effectively. With this, specific parts of the human organs are enhanced, making them healthier.

The interlocked black and white symbols which represents tetada Kalimasada symbolizes unity and balance, the balance of the spiritual and physical aspects of life working together in harmony.

Although early and skilled practitioners of Kalimasada were known more for their martial prowess, the present Grandmaster decided to emphasize the healing and passive nature of the art rather than the martial side. He established the Institute Terapi Tenaga Dalam (Institute for the Development of Inner Energy Cultivation and Therapy) in 1991. He added the word TETADA (acronym for the institute), thus forming what the practice is currently called : TETADA KALIMASADA.


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