Once Our Hometown

For a UPLB alumnus, Los Baños was home for at least four eventful years of life. Although after graduation, many of us  chose to stay in this town to work, take advanced studies, settle down and start a family, or for other reasons. Those who stayed are blessed with being able to “keep abreast with the times”. They watch and take part in the community’s growth and enjoy urban living in a “close to nature” setting. Yet for those who are out there, in the metropolis, in other provinces, and those who chose to live across the continents, they are always in want of news from  Los Baños, once  our “home”. They yearn for the “teleserye” unfolding in campus and Los Banos, too.

Several publications are in circulation in campus, mostly dwelling on scientific advancement, technological breakthroughs, and achievement awards, to name a few. BUKAS will not duplicates these. Instead, BUKAS will act as the roundtable around which the alumni will offer.


In a small and humble way, BUKAS offers to be the tool for this communion of thoughts, ideas, and more importantly, sharing resources, loads of nostalgia with lots of fun reading and writing about the sweetest memories of our life in Los Baños. For example, you might want to know what became of your favorite coffee stand, carinderia, your barber, or lavandera. Bring out your iPads, pen and paper, and connect with BUKAS, now.


For starters, let’s reminisce with this article,

 (Photo by Edgar Bagasol Jr.)

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