The UPLB Alumni Plaza

By Carmen Paule


The UPLB Alumni Association (UPLBAA) started to reach out to its alumni beyond the UPLB years, and has continued to foster commitment to link each alumnus/alumna to the university. Among others, the goal of UPLBAA is to expand and strengthen its outreach to our alumni from the different college-based associations and their geographical chapters in active partnership with the university. We hope to expand our active membership base, promote networking between and among members and groups, and narrow the communication gap through the use of modern tools of information technology including social media.


Marya Fountain, UPLB Alumni Plaza

The UPLBAA owes its existence to the Alma Mater of its members, the UPLB. The UPLB recognizes the important role of the UPLBAA in linking with and mobilizing the UPLB alumni to contribute to the academic mission of the UPLB and enhance the welfare of the students and faculty. The UPLB campus, including the majestic Mount Makiling is one of the best and most expansive campuses in the country and in our part of the world. Campus development and beautification is a continuing concern of the university administration, past and present.

As part of the celebration of the University Centenary in 2009, the UPLB Alumni Association spearheaded the development of a contiguous space known as the UPLB Alumni Plaza, where the alumni’s contribution to the university can aptly be commemorated. Among such alumni-inspired landmarks already completed are the Rizal Centenary Carillon Tower, the Gazebo of Class 1958, the Lamp Posts of Class 1959, the Benches of Class 1960, the Marya Fountain donated by the Sigma Delta Phi, the improvement of the Coffee Shop and lately the Edible Garden of Class 1963. All improvements in the UPLB Alumni Plaza were financed by UPLBAA but owned by UPLB by virtue of the agreement between UPLBAA and UPLB.

The Coffee Shop which is now completed and operational is meant to showcase the beauty of the campus and at the same time serve the needs of the UPLB constituents. Much needed pledges/donors for the landscape and hardscape are needed to complete Phase 1 of the Alumni Plaza Project. This Alumni Plaza was conceived by our very own, Mrs. Nelia T. Gonzales, the architect is no other than UPLB Chancellor, Dr. Fernando C. Sanchez, Jr.


Ginhawa Art Cafe, UPLB Alumni Plaza

(Photos by Edgar Bagasol Jr.)



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