By Lex Librero

UPLB alumni who left Los Baños before the mid-sixties and have not been back to campus until now would find certain places to have completely changed “beyond recognition.” Let’s have a quick tour of what would easily be classified as the most popular place in College…Grove. Continue reading


A Call for Camaraderie and Unity

As we come out with the maiden issue of BUKAS, our quarterly newsletter, I fervently hope that this publication will be a continuing bridge between the UPLB Alumni Association and the thousands of alumni all over the globe.

Currently published online, BUKAS (as the title connotes) offers hope and promise.

Through this newsletter, we are hoping for your continuous support in the various endeavors of the association. A little amount of your time, effort, and financial resources will certainly go a long way in advancing the objectives of the association.

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1958-1962 (The Sixties): Let’s Recall Our Glorious Adolescent Years at UPLB

By Antonio S. Frio

 What was around us in 1958-1962? The great leap forward in China, British artist Gerald Holtom created the peace symbol, Fidel Castro is dictator of Cuba, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho movie is released, Berlin Wall was built, Peace Corps was founded, Russia launches first man in space, Cuban missile crisis confronts us. Continue reading

Alay sa Bukas

Like change, tomorrow is inevitable and permanent because it has always been constant and an integral part of our lives. Tomorrow’s stability is always part of our plans. The UPLB Alumni Association (UPLBAA) recognizes this concern. The concern for our Alma Mater and the assurance of everlasting camaraderie amongst the alumni are realized with the pursuit of shared  projects and activities. We are all stakeholders of this endeavor. Our future: Ang Ating BUKAS. Continue reading

UPLB Alumni ID

UPLB alumni can now avail of either a Lifetime Membership ID for PhP2,000 or an Annual Membership ID at PhP500. Holders of an alumni ID can enjoy some benefits such as access to the UPLB library and other campus facilities, and discounts on UPLB products and services in selected establishments, among others. Alumni who are already Lifetime members may renew their IDs, free of charge, at the UPLB Alumni Center.

alumniid Continue reading

They’re All Gone Now

by Lex Librero

Three years ago, I posted in my blog a brief story titled “Old Pictures at Random.” Since very, very few read my blog, I’m asking Bukas, the reincarnated UPLBAA Newsletter, to reprint some part of that blog post in the hope that more alumni will read it and perhaps even be encouraged to write some personal narratives that we could use in this newsletter. Our belief is that there are countless Alumni wanting to know or read stories about other alumni. We also believe that the alumni should tell other alumni their stories through this newsletter. Continue reading